Genesis 1-24 Three in one (not the trinity)

So I get to Genesis 1:24 and read about creatures, cattle and such only to realize it’s hard to animate these things with just pictures like I did for the apples growing in the previous verses (which, to me, are hard to stomach). In order to get the look I was going for I had to go to a program that already had these animals and one in which I could easily manipulate the creatures into the posture I wanted.  The obvious choice is Poser 10 because it had those features, plus I already purchased it over a year ago.  Bonus Points!

However, I soon realized that if I just picked a background from the internet that was free for me to use, it would totally contrast with the computer animated animals.  The background had to be computer generated too in order for the animals and the background to go well together.  Poser 10, as far as I know, doesn’t have backgrounds you can manipulate easily.  If it did, I din’t know how to use the program to do it.  I decided to use a program I knew could do it and was free: DAZ3d.

I’ve used DAZ3d before and it comes with tutorials but I’m afraid I’m going in a direction I don’t want to go.  Now I have to use After Effects, Poser and DAZ3d to continue this video.  I guess that it’s good that I have some experience with both these programs but I just have a feeling I’m going to regret not sticking to one program.  By the way, I also use photoshop but I think that’s a given no matter what you do when dealing with images.