Making The Bible

I’ve been waiting to animate the Bible for over a year now but things keep getting in the way.  First, my computer was too slow for the program I was running.  It took over 80 hours to make 3 seconds of video.  Could you imaging how long it would take to make Genesis 1?  My grandchildren would have to post it for me.  That through me off.  I started a crowd funding campaign to raise the money to buy a new computer and digital props but not enough people wanted it to happen.  I stopped trying.

Then, other projects came up and I tried other software but the learning curve was too much.  Just yesterday, November 26, 2017, I found a new software which promised to make animating software faster and more intuitive.  The high end version of the software was $200 which I was willing to spend as long as it kept it’s promise of being easy and intuitive. Instead of buying it right away, my usual m.o., I decided to download a free trial version.  It was kinda intuitive but still I saw right away it would take me a month or so to be comfortable with the program but I realized something very important; I could already do this…in After Effects.

I’ve been using After Effects since CS3 which is almost 10 years.  By now I’m comfortable with most of the shortcuts and shortcomings concerning 2d animation.  The software I was just considering was 2d but I could always do 2d animation on with After Effects and I could start right now.  In fact, after making the decision to go from 3d animation to 2d animation of the Bible, I finished three verses in 2 days.  It really helps that 2d animation can be rendered (made) in a fraction of the time.  I’m really excited about getting started!

So, to quote a famous book, this is how this project started “In the beginning…”gen-1-1-pic